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Christian Legal Collaborative, Inc.

Helping our community-- with the help of our community-- the whole community  

CLC legal staff provide general legal education on Ohio law and other preventative legal services and advocacy to residents in the greater Toledo area for their situations dealing with the following areas of Civil law: Landlord-Tenant and other basic residential Real Estate, Contracts, Employment, Consumer and basic End of Life planning. They will also provide limited or full representation as legal staff are available on some small civil cases (typically only those filed or that could be filed in municipal courts) as well as some small misdemeanor Criminal and Traffic matters, Drivers License and state identification issues. Popular areas for assistance are listed below. Note: Where full representation or personalized education sessions are not available at a given time, services may be available through CLC's monthly CEOs/clinics or Pro Se Assistance Center. See the Services page for more information.

Landlord-Tenant (Full):

(Residential, private housing only)

Moving in and out Processes

  • Move out notices
  • Security deposits, damage issues
  • Applications: Accepting, Rejecting, Responding

Rent Escrow

  • Eviction
  • Three day notices: Preparing, Serving, Receiving
  • Complaints: Filing in Court, Serving Tenant
  • Receiving/Responding to a Landlord Complaint
  • Defenses and Counterclaims
  • Default Judgment, Assessment of Damages
  • Judgments: Collecting* / Overturning

*Please contact Legal Aid of Western Ohio if you need assistance with a federal housing case. In the unlikely event you are denied free services there for any reason, please then sign up for one of our monthly clinics for further direction.

Consumer (Limited*)

Debt Collection Disputes /Settlement

Identity Theft

Credit Report Concerns

Contract Disputes

Harassing Calls from Telemarketers /Collectors 

Real Estate (Limited*)

Residential deed work

Land Contracts

Housing Court issues (Code violations, Landlord Tenant- see list)

Employment (Limited*):

Hiring/Firing decisions*

Employment Manuals*

Unemployment claims*

Workers' Compensation*

End of Life Issues (Limited*):

Last Will and Testament

Advance Directives: Living wills,

Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare, Anatomical Registry (Organ Donation document)

Body Donation ("to science") document

Transfer on death deed (house)

Burial /Cremation Directives

Advocacy with medical and other professionals during serious medical /mental health crisis.

Family planning meetings to support member's end of life.

Medicaid related probate issues.

*CLC does not currently probate estates. 

*CLC does not have staff and other resources available for complex litigation or collection, but it can help clients determine if litigation or collection is practical and make appropriate referrals.

While the CLC provides assistance in mainly Civil Law areas, limited assistance is available for education, advocacy, and representation in some criminal and traffic law areas, such as:

Criminal/Traffic (Full):

  • Routine criminal misdemeanors
  • Routine traffic citations
  • Driver's license issues
  • Warrant releases and warrant block removals at municipal court level
  • Sealing/expungement of record
  • Identity verification/theft issues
  • Victim Representation--DV, CPO, Stalking / Harassment

Due to limited staff availability and other concerns, CLC does not typically get involved in cases involving felonies, defending DV or DUI charges; cases where the potential client is incarcerated; bail or property forfeiture; cases located in courts of common pleas, or outside the greater Toledo area, federal /supreme court/appeal issues; complex cases or those that are considered political, polarizing, or otherwise of high media interest.

CLC reserves the right, even where staff is available, to decline cases that conflict with its core mission or statement of faith.