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Christian Legal Collaborative, Inc.

Helping our community-- with the help of our community-- the whole community  

CLC has been in our "soft launch" phase for much of this past year--just putting the organization together and testing out the concepts on our first clients. We will gradually add some pictures to our photo gallery sub tab and begin to talk about some of our partners as we we gain volunteers that have time to do so and as our partners and clients permit us to. Being a legal services entity, we cannot regularly post as much about what we do because it is a more complex process since we have to have our "customer's" permission first. We are experiencing some great success already though and our clients are excited to talk about it too. We look forward to telling you about that here as well as on our Facebook page. If you are interested, please also ask for information on our October 18th launch event. A short article can also be found on the Events-Helping Professionals sub tab.

In addition to our standard legal services, we are currently working on the following special Events & Projects at the moment, just to name a few, so watch the sub pages of this tab for more information.

  • Client Coaching Panels (Recruiting professionals to help with those panels now and building the format.)
  • Helping Professionals Ministry (First Blessing and Encouraging Message to come on 11/21- see sub tab for more info and also go to the Contact Us page and complete form there if you want a flyer for that day or future HPM events.)
  • Sponsored specialty clinics (New business clinic coming! Will also be listed under Services tab when scheduled.)
  • Pro Se Education & Technology Center resources and programs (including motivational speaker and business coaching self study series)- basic technology and self study series in place now. Working on fact sheets to answer basic legal questions and helpful forms. Go to Contact Us page to schedule appointment or to tell us you would like to volunteer to help us get the center up to full speed more quickly.
  • Quiet Chapel times for those who could benefit to have a quiet place away from the normal chaos of the day at home or work in order to pray, meditate, or otherwise gather their thoughts, reduce their stress, and feel better able to approach their day.